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The image of printing packaging products, this effect is a direct communication between consumers and products of the media, known as the "silent salesman", consumers use the product is bound to be associated with the memory of the memory

Do you really choose the right material? Why the brand is not good?


Full of confidence in the product, because the printing material has not been selected, the color of the printed pattern exudation, flower shape is not clear, showing a vague color!


The printing pattern of the product is good, but the printing color is uneven, has the redundant spot, often is questioned is the cottage, the fake......

Do the world's most trusted brand of printed materials

Because the professional is not the same


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They all chose to play

Ten years focused on trustworthy

Dongguan Haiya printing material Co. Ltd (referred to as the sub sea of printed material brands include brand), Kay Nia In wood, in Hongkong has also set up a branch in Hongkong Kainiya Industrial Co. ltd.. Haiya brands Haiya "brand series of products have been sold in China since, and won the praise and trust of users at home and abroad! For the development of more environmentally friendly....


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