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L.L.Bean Responds To Trump’s Travel Ban

L.L.Bean was the latest retailer to reach out to employees regarding President Trump’s executive order blocking immigrants of seven Muslim majority countries from entering the U.S. for 90 days.

“While we have gone to great pains over the past few weeks to distance ourselves from an unfortunate and unwanted political situation, there have been some more recent developments that have prompted me to share some thoughts and direction,” wrote L.L.Bean CEO Stephen Smith in an e-mail attained by Politico. “Recent national policy changes, while dominating the headlines and sparking a wide-range of opinion, are also creating confusion and concern within our family of great employees.”

“We are committed to help our affected employees in any way possible,” Smith wrote in the internal email, urging those impacted to reach out to him directly.

The ban was lifted February 3 by a federal judge in Seattle.

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