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Aqueous stereo gold oil

1: product description:
Specifically for all kinds of porous, breathable shoes fabric stereo printing effect design and development. It can also be used on PTU, PU, PVC and leather, and has good adhesion to some nylon cloth, EVA and PEVA.
2: product characteristics:
This product is suitable for shoe material stereo printing. Environmental protection. Soft, anti sticky, anti wrinkle, low temperature, folding resistance, scratch resistance, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high solid content, and good adhesion between the ink.
3. process:
Recommended (39T / 100) - (48T / 120) monofilament yarn. The film thickness is 30 microns. The screen went to distance is 5 mm. Render 5-8 times, cover 2-3 times.
4. storage period:
Ventilated without any other ingredients (e.g., curing agent, color paste), sealed, ventilated, cool and in a light environment for 1 years.
5. matters needing attention:
1: join 1-2%KNY8127 immortal water, can improve the adhesion of thick plate, wet and dry rub and wear resistance. After adding the crosslinker, the slurry is used up in 4-8 hours.
2: adequate surface drying, after printing 60-80 low-temperature heat treatment, can reduce the degree of adhesive hand printing surface.
3: stop should be promptly cleaned or block pattern of local mesh with water ink printing process, otherwise easily lead to clogging.
4: different substrate and environment will produce different printing effect, please do adequate testing before you can mass production

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